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Swing Speed Radar Golf Training Aid Review



Swing Speed Radar™ by Sport Sensors Inc.

Swing Speed Radar™ is a small microwave Doppler (it is slightly larger than an electronic metronome) that can measure the swing speed of golfers and baseball/softball players.

The unit was introduced to the market in October 2003 and was recently recognized in the June 2004 issue of Golf Digest (page 118) as a device which measures swing speed. Swing Speed Radar™ was also recognized as one of thirty products of the year at the Super Show.

Sales have been brisk for the unit. At the 2004 PGA Merchandise Show, Sport Sensors Inc. sold out of all the units that they had by the second day of the show.

Swing Speed Radar™ may be purchased for $99.95 by either calling (888) 542-9246 or by visiting the manufacturer's website at

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Al Dilz. Al is the President of Sport Sensors, Inc. which is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Al took time out of his busy schedule to answer questions on several different occasions.

Who is Al Dilz?

Al Dilz is the President of Sport Sensors Inc. Al attended Ohio State University and studied Engineering. After Ohio State, Al spent a few years in the United States Army and over 30 years designing defense applications, especially devices that use radar technology.

Al retired from the defense industry in 1995. In simple terms, Al is a man who knows what he is doing when it comes to designing radar devices such as the Swing Speed Radar™ .

Can Swing Speed Radar™ be used for any other sports?

Yes. Swing Speed Radar™ can also be used to measure the swing speed of baseball and softball players.

Sport Sensors Inc. also have other radar devices for baseball (Glove Radar) as well as radar instruments for sports such as archery and paintball.

Who should buy Swing Speed Radar™ ?

According to Dilz, instructors across the country as well as club makers are using Swing Speed Radar™ .

The device can be particularly useful for club makers to help measure client swing speeds so that proper shaft fittings can be done.

Another obvious audience for the Swing Speed Radar™ is golfers of all skill levels, but particularly recreational golfers.

However, I think a word of caution is needed. Swing Speed Radar™ should be used, I believe, as a tool to help gauge how well your practice sessions are either improving or hindering your swing speed. I would not, however, have it become the focal point of your practice sessions. When I tested, as well as many of our hybrid testers used it, swing speeds in many cases actually began to decrease. This was due to tester anxiety in trying to max out their swing speed, rather than swinging naturally.

As I suggest, as well as the owner’s manual, speed is only one factor in increased distance.These other factors include:

  • Club Loft
  • Coefficient of Restitution (COR)
  • Launch Angle
  • Ball spin
  • Climate

The lesson is that the device is better used as means for one to find out what speed can you comfortably swing with maximum accuracy and control, and then trying to improve from this baseline, rather than swing for the fences.

What is the maximum speed that the Swing Speed Radar™ can measure?

200 mph.Swing Speed Radar Review

The device is very easy to use. The hardest part for us in using the device was finding three AA batteries in my home…you see, we have an eleven-month-old son so batteries are in high demand. Once we found three AA batteries in my son’s Dancing Barney, the best thing about the device was that my son’s Dancing Barney didn’t work anymore.

All joking aside, this is an inexpensive device that delivers big results. The unit powered on immediately, and it seemed to provide results consistent with my swing measurements recorded on state of the art launch monitors. At some point we hope to take the device and measure golfer’s swings while on a launch monitor to compare results; however, this may be unnecessary. When speaking with Al Dilz of Sport Sensors Inc. he assured me the device has already been tested in this manner.

I also applaud Al and his team for the nylon bag that the unit comes packaged. It has two snap hooks that allow players to hook to their golf bag. Inside the bag, a plastic card is provided which is about the size and thickness of a credit card. The card correlates approximate swing speed in miles per hour (mph) and approximate distance measured in yards. Below is a breakdown is approximate speed ranges for various skill levels of golfers:

Average Golfer: 82 mph -95 mph
Tour Professionals: 110 mph – 127 mph
Long Drive Professionals (like Pinnacle’s and’s Dan Boever) 135 mph –145 mph
During a recent hybrid golf club test that conducted, we used Swing Speed Radar™ to measure golf club tester swing speeds. Most of those tested fell within a range of 88 mph to 94 mph.

The owner’s manual is simple, complete and easy to read. The unit will automatically power-off if no swing event occurs within a 5-minute period. Additionally, the unit is smartly designed, specifically if a duplicate swing speed occurs the unit will flash so that the golfer knows that his or her swing was actually read. Other units on the market do not do this. One unit that I have tested from other manufacturer specifically did not ‘flash’ or let me know if it measured by most recent swing. Consequently, I never was sure if the unit actually did measure my swing. Due to this, whether valid or not, I always questioned the validity and reliability of the other manufacturer’s device.

Swing Speed Radar™ is a wonderful departure from other units on the market, and that I have had the opportunity to use. Some of these units seem to be overly complicated. For instance, one unit has you adjust its settings based on the clubs that you use. Swing Speed Radar™, on the other hand, is ready to measure any club in your bag by simply powering on the unit.

We enthusiastically recommend Swing Speed Radar™.You may order your Swing Speed Radar™ by either calling Sport Sensors, Inc. directly or (888) 542-9246 or by visiting their website at

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