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Power Reactor by the Golf Channel’s Fore Inventor Marcus Curry, Golf Fitness Expert

Review by RhodyGolf's Mikele Albanese-St. Germain

If you are a fan of the Golf Channel’s “Fore Inventors Only”, then you may already be familiar with the Power Reactor-a finalist on the show.  The Power Reactor is an exercise system consisting of a four pound medicine ball and an upright trampoline-like device.  There are a number of different ways to use the Power Reactor, but the basic concept is to throw the medicine ball at the Power Reactor and then catch it.  Sounds simple, right? 

It captured our attention so we had one of our staff try it out.  After putting it to the test, we can easily say it meets our tough standards. We give it the Rhody Golf seal of approval. 

The Power Reactor is a sturdy, well-made piece of equipment (crafted of high grade steel) and is a snap to assemble. There is a great deal of flexibility of use for this product which makes it perfect for golf conditioning.  It can be used indoors and outdoors and has a number of different settings that allow you to adjust the intensity of the workout.  By setting it up at different angles, you can target many different areas of your body. 

Our tester improvised by using a balance roller and found that it was possible to maintain balance, catch the ball and move into a backswing.  Adding an exercise ball increases the options; by sitting on the ball and throwing the medicine ball you can get an excellent abdominal workout. After a few uses, our tester noticed increased motion and improved core strength and flexibility. Best of all, the Power Reactor is fun to use. Because, let’s face it, a piece of exercise equipment is just going to collect dust in the corner if it isn’t fun. 

The inventor of the Power Reactor, Marcus Curry, is a former personal trainer and sports reporter-turned exercise entrepreneur who is based in San Diego. You can find his fitness products, including the Power Reactor at

The product has acquired a number of celebrity endorsements, including NFL Super Bowl Champion, Aaron Taylor, Andre Reed, Three-Time Olympic Gold Medalist & Professional Volleyball Player Karch Kiraly as well as Tammie McQuain (Basketball) and Liz Higgins (Fitness Competitor) Now he can add to that list. 

In addition to the Power Reactor, the company also offers:

  • The AB Reactor – this unit is used by those who want to focus primarily on abdominal core training.

  • Pro Reactor – this is the Power Reactor but  is designed for heavy duty usage for professional athletes, university athletes and fitness facilities.

  • Baseball Reactor – speciality unit for professional, college, university and baseball programs.

Visit to learn more and to order yours today!

For additional information on the Power Reactor visit these sites:

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